Radial Piston Air Motors P1V-P

P1V-P is a range of air motors using the radial piston principle. Radial piston motors can operate at a low speed while delivering high torque. The low speed keeps the noise level to a minimum, making this type of motor suitable for all applications that are subject to stringent noise level requirements.

Robust Air Motors P1V-M

P1V-M is a series of air motors, with or without planetary gearbox. they are made of casted iron and grey painted. Its robustness makes it suitable for all industrial air motor applications. P1V-M Air Motors are ATEX certified to be used in critical environments. The range contains five different sizes with power ratings of 200, 400, 600, 900 and 1200 Watts.The motor and the gearbox are built to be extremely compact, making the motors suitable for applications requiring spaceless. The gearbox is of the planetary type, permanently lubricated with grease. The flange mounting is cast as an integral part of the case, and give, together with the foot bracket, plenty of opportunity for simple and robust installation.

Stainless Steel Air Motor P1V-S

Designed for demanding applications and available in a wide variety of speeds and output torques. The all round, dirt-trap free design, stainless steel construction and FKM (DIN ISO 16299) external seals makes them the ideal choice for the Food Industry, where washdown with aggressive cleaning agents is common.

Air Motor P1V-A
Large Air Motor P1V-B

These large motors are designed for use in the most arduous applications,requiring considerable power, torque, robustness and reliability