Compact Guided Cylinder P5T

P5T cylinders are a modern and versatile range of cylinders with integral guides. The cylinders are double-acting, with end stop cushioning for quiet and vibration free operation. The strong guide shafts make it possible to adsorb considerable thrust forces and torque.

Grippers P5G

With double acting mechanism the gripper is suitable for internal or external gripping applications. For flexible installation mounting is available on three sides and the anodised body has recessed sensor grooves.

Rotary Table P5RS

The P5RS rotary table units provide precise control even under heavy loads, with specially designed load fixing and centering capabilities. End stroke cushioning using supplied adjusting bolts or optional shock absorbers offers dependable linear cushioning enabling objects to be carried and positioned safely and securely.

Slide Tables P5SS

The Precision Slide Table P5SS is a pneumatic actuator, operated by two cylinders mounted in parallel for moving loads fitted on its mobile carriage or on its front plate quickly and accurately. Optional end of stroke adjusters offer precise adjustment even when the slide table is pressurised.

Stopper Cylinders STV - STVR

Pneumatic stop cylinders with hydraulic industrial shock absorbers for soft, rebound-free stopping of a conveyed load.

Twin Rod Cylinders RDV - AZV

A range of twin rod cylinders designed for use in non rotate applications specifically suited to the handling and packaging environments. Offering a range of double acting cylinders with adjustable cushioning and magnetic variants.