Cartridge Cylinder P1G

Single acting, spring return cylinders ideal for applications where space is at a premium. The threaded body makes installation simple.

ISO 15524 Compact Cylinder P1Q

Parker’s P1Q series cylinders provide an economical, compact design suited for a variety of applications. With its modular flexibility, the P1Q will provide the ideal solution machine builders need today. The P1Q series is available in 10 bore sizes from 12mm to 100mm and standard strokes from 5mm to 100mm. The cylinder is supplied in a choice of magnetic or non-magnetic function, the non-magnetic version offers very short axial dimensions. For optimum compactness the P1Q range is supplied with female piston rod thread. The P1Q provides quieter operation due to its built in buffer cushioning, which is standard on all bore sizes. Included in bore sizes 40mm – 100mm is a piston wear ring providing superior life.

ISO 21287 Compact Cylinders P1P

The P1P Series is a complete range of ISO 21287 compact cylinders developed to meet the highest requirements for quality and performance. The careful design in every detail provides first class function and service life properties. Reliability and long service life are key qualities of any pneumatic cylinder. Therefore we have given P1P highest possible quality in every detail based on our 40 years of experience and extensive testing. The design is based on the following important principles.

Short Stroke Cylinders C05

Compact short stroke cylinders available in single as well as double acting versions. Ideally suited for clamping and locking operations. The compact design with mounting holes through the cylinder body makes the unit easy to install in confined spaces. The main body is machined from one piece thus providing an easy to clean unit. Fitted with stainless steel piston rod as standard for corrosion resistance.