ISO 15552 Cylinder Extreme Line P1D-X

P1D-X series contains cylinder versions for high and low temperature. These versions have material and sealing systems specially designed for their particular temperature ranges. End covers and pistons are made entirely from metal, to give optimum function at high or low temperature in combination with seals made from specially tested materials and special grease.

ISO 15552 Cylinder Premier Line P1D-S

P1D-S series. This series is the ultimate in ISO pneumatic cylinders and is suitable for virtually any application. Options include the tie rod design, smooth profile, ultra clean cylinders for use in the food industry and all the variants including through rod and piston rod locking versions.

ISO 15552 Cylinder Tie-Rod P1D-T

The P1D-T range of cylinders is intended for use in a wide range of applications. Careful design and high quality manufacture throughout ensure long service life and optimum economy. Mounting dimensions fully in accordance with ISO 15552 (ISO 6431 and CETOP RP52P) greatly simplifies installation and world-wide interchangeability.

ISO 15552 Cylinder Ultra Clean P1D-C

This version is a permanently sealed P1D Ultra Clean with no facility for installing sensors. The cylinder has a very clean design and is intended for applications where no sensors are used. The P1D without the sensor function can of course be combined with other equipment and functions.

ISO 15552 Cylinder Value Line P1D-B

P1D-B series. This series features a profile design and is the basic ISO cylinder for simple applications where no special options are required. This series is suitable for general industrial applications.

ISO Rod Guidance Modules P1E-4

P1E with rod guidance modules. The P1D series cylinders can be equipped with an external guiding device to prevent the piston rod from turning. The factory fitted guide gives a guided piston movement and enables the cylinder to take up turning moments on the piston rod, as well as greater transverse forces. The rod guidance is available with plain bearings or linear ball bearings and with H or U style. The bracket, which has pre-drilled mounting holes, is connected to the piston rod by means of a flexo coupling, which prevents the build-up of stresses in the cylinder. P1D cylinders with guiding devices are available with bores from 32 to 100mm, and standard stroke lengths from 25 to 250mm. Special stroke lengths up to 500mm can also be obtained.

ISO Rod -Lock Cylinders P1D-L, P1D-H

P1D-L is a series of extremely compact rod lock cylinders for demanding applications. This version allows the piston rod to be locked in any position but can also be used as a brake (limits apply) thanks to the rigid design. With helical grooves on the precision clamping sleeves the locking function allows for applications where the piston rod is exposed to liquids and contamination.

Sensors P8S-G

The P1D sensors can easily be installed from the side in the sensor groove, at any position along the piston stroke. The sensors are completely recessed and thus mechanically protected. Choose between electronic or reed sensors and several cable lengths and 8mm and M12 connectors. The same standard sensors are used for all P1D versions.